Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing what to expect means you’re prepared for the best trip ever! Below are answers to frequently asked questions, and if you keep scrolling, a list of things to know before you go. 

Q: How far from the airport is Albury’s Ferry?

A: Albury’s Ferry terminal is a fifteen minute taxi ride from the Marsh Harbor Airport. Taxi fees vary according to the amount of passengers and luggage but should range between $15-$40.

Q: Is there a charge for excess or oversized luggage?

A: Albury’s Ferry has the most generous size and quantity luggage standards in the industry, but there is a nominal charge for excess or unaccompanied baggage that usually ranges between $1-$4.

Q: Are there taxis available at Albury’s Ferry terminal?

A: Yes. Much like at any airport, local taxi drivers frequently stand by during ferry hours.

Q: What if I left something on the ferry?

A: If you have left something behind on a ferry, we suggest you call the ferry office at 242-367-0290 or have your caretaker call us on the VHF radio to report the forgotten items immediately. There is a lost and found at Albury’s Ferry in case your items have been picked up and turned in by a fellow passenger or a member of our crew.

Q: What is the cost of a private charter?

A: Albury’s Ferry offers private charter service that departs on your schedule to and from specific locations. Prices are subject to itinerary, please contact our office at 242-822-0290 or email us at for more information.

Q: Do you offer delivery service from Marsh Harbor grocery or sundry stores?

A: Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Q: May I bring my animals on the ferry?

A: Yes you may. For the safety of your animals and our other passengers, animals that are too large to sit on your lap must be crated for the duration of the short ride. We are happy to provide safe and comfortable crates for your convenience.

Q: How bumpy is the ride?

A: Albury’s Ferry boats were designed specifically to maneuver the local waterways, making the ride smooth and comfortable even in rough conditions. Our experienced Captains are adept at navigating the Sea of Abaco and the sea paths that affect the ride.

Q: What if the weather is bad? Does the ferry still run? How will I know?

A: Our ferries run everyday even in inclement weather, unless it is unsafe for our Captains to do so.  Please contact our office at 242-822-0290 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Know before you go!

A visitor's guide from your friends at Albury's Ferry Service


The Abacos are known for their spectacular beaches and crystal blue waters, but it’s the locals who truly make this an extraordinary place to visit. A friendly smile goes a long way here and kindness is king; you’ll be treated like one if you show respect to the culture of this little island paradise and it’s inhabitants…including the wildlife! 


Please, don’t add your own. Leaving branded stickers or affixing wooden signs is considered a form of graffiti, and defacing public property is a punishable offense which can result in hefty fines. If you must leave something behind, consider leaving a donation – the local fire and rescue departments, educational institutions and BASRA (Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association) all rely on the generosity and support of the community and it’s guests.   


We know that when you’re on vacation it feels good to relax the rules, but kindly limit that carefree spirit to things like skipping a workout or enjoying an extra piece of Mr. Vernon’s famous key lime pie! Follow the rules of the road (and the water). Underage driving, overfishing and other unlawful offenses will be reported to the proper authorities and fines (or termination of rental) may be imposed.  


There are clearly marked signs indicating where and how trash is to be disposed of so please do not leave your household (or boat) waste in unauthorized locations, as it will not be picked up. When visiting our beaches, please leave only footprints and take only memories.  


Stay hydrated, use a reef-safe sunscreen and be alert when engaging in water sports and other activities….we want to see you back again next year!